Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who designed this Lesportsac Bag?

Who made this bag?
She is the daughter of one of the cute singers of a popular band of the 60's.
Still can't get it huh.
Well, she designs clothes too.And she's a mommy.
And about the bag.. It has multi-functional pockets and insulating compartments which are perfect for nappies and baby bottles but are just as useful for lap-tops and diet coke cans. The iconic prints and simple colourways make these stylish holdalls super desirable. The bags that come in colourblocks of orange, brown and black could even convince the dads.

This bowling bag is perfect as a carry-on bag for the aeroplane, or could be used as a gym bag too. Available in ‘posh' and ‘pop' prints and also a quilted purple colourblock.

By the way... the answer is Stella McCartney.


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