Friday, October 9, 2009

Tokidoki bags first

I like Stella McCartney, Toki Doki, and Fafi, and Fifi Lapin, because the designs are so awesome! Art on a bag! Except my Stella McCartney purse, that's just a beautiful purse. Well, Le Sportsac Hawaii came out with this Onolicious line that's exclusive to Hawaii. It has little baby Manapuas and Saimin all over it with funny things like "Pretty Manapua," and "Ono Manapua" that cracks me up. Their artist, Amy Davis does a lot of their work, and her stuff is kewl too. Le Sportsac is so big in Japan, that the stores in Waikiki accept yen. So what is this blogger talking about? They're all hip, fun and funky. First things first. We'll talk about the toki doki bags first and keep you posted about the rest. Here are samples of the Toki doki LeSportsac bags she's talking about!

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