Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's not all style, it's functionality too!

"If anyone is interested in the Gioco style bag. I own one and here Adv. & Dis. On the Gioco," A tokidoki lover says.

1. You can put a lot of stuff and it won’t feel heavy.
2. Very nice style and the handels are great.
3. Bag lays under you’re arm.
4. Amazing front pocket
5. Big enough to hold a magazine!

1. Hard to reach for stuff when you have an emergancy.
2. The bottom doesn’t have support so you items can go crazy.
3. Won’t lay well when you put it on table or lap.
4. Sometimes your items will fall out if you don’t put the bag on a table or something with a hard surface
5. Some prints don’t look with the Gioco.

Here's how a Gioco sytle bag looks like!

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